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Get ready to have a healthy, happy relationship with beauty.
Get ready to have a healthy, happy relationship with beauty.

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The Body Guide

by Living Beauty
February 16, 2024
Living Beauty

Caring for your face and body doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We break down what to use where and how, so your routine stays effective.


The Hair

Whether your hair type is dry and brittle or oily, the condition of your hair often comes down to the health of your scalp. At the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Willow Stream Spa in Vancouver, the Nourishing Hair and Scalp Treatment Add-On intensely moisturizes the hair with Shaeri’s signature products made of botanical ingredients from Morocco. It begins with an application of oil that’s warmed up and drizzled along the hairline. “This hydrates and nourishes the scalp while relaxing the body and mind. An intense care mask is then applied to the ends of the hair, followed by a full scalp massage,” says spa treatment manager Anna McAlary. 


What to Try

Shaeri Hair Oil (100 ml), $49
Shaeri Deep Conditioning Mask (250 ml), $56
Shaeri Shampoo (200 ml), $30
Manta Healthy Hair Brush, $45


Hot Tip

Whether at home or at the spa, don’t rush your Shaeri hair treatment. “We encourage our guests to leave the product in for a minimum of one hour before rinsing for best results,” says McAlary


The Eyes 

The eye area is notoriously delicate and mascara is a common culprit when it comes to causing eye irritation. Ooh-La-Lash! by VMV Hypoallergenics brings bold volume to lashes without common eyesore allergens like dyes, fragrance and phthalates. “It features a special compound that swells up and surrounds each lash strand in a tube,” explains VMV founder Laura Verallo de Bertotto. For ongoing eye care, Biologique Recherche’s Creme Contour des Yeux VIP O2 was recently reformulated to better absorb into the eye area and combat dark circles, while Magicstripes Wake Me Up Collagen Eye Patches provide an instant soothing pick-me-up.  


What to Try

VMV Hypoallergenics Ooh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara, $36
Biologique Recherche Creme Contour des Yeux VIP O2 (15 ml), $105
Magicstripes Wake Me Up Collagen Eye Patches (Single Pack), $14


Hot Tip

No need to rub harsh makeup removers over the eye area, which can further irritate skin. Oooh-La-Lash! dissolves with just a few splashes of warm water.


The Cheeks  

When volume is a key indicator of youth, keeping your face fit can make a big difference. 

“A big part of being a fit fat cell is maintaining a healthy size. You can promote healthy fat cell size through regeneration — the more cells you have, the smaller the average cell size. You can also promote healthy fat cell size by inducing lipid release. Our formula combines both strategies. It’s unique in that respect.” —Ivan Galanin, founder of Adipeau


What to Try

Adipeau Active Face Cream (50 ml), $120


The Lips

At Tight Clinic in Toronto, nurse injector Nanz A. Adu-Gyamfi, RN BScN, says that lip filler can be helpful for those with concerns regarding fine lines on their lips and dehydration and wanting to create or restore volume. “By respecting the natural anatomy of one’s lips, great results are inevitable and will allow for the lips to appear increasingly hydrated and rejuvenated,” she says. Here are her expert tips for lip-care on all stages of your journey. 


Pre-Injection Lip Care
  • Stop the use of all substances and medications that can cause blood thinning 72 hours before treatment. Some common daily use substances include alcohol, ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oil and oral Vitamin E. 
  • Clients taking blood thinner medications, such as Apixaban, Warfarin or Rivaroxaban, for a health-related condition must always seek medical approval from their primary healthcare professional before stopping their medications. 
  • Oral arnica can be taken to assist with bruising. The herb comes in pellet form to be placed underneath the tongue and can be taken prophylactically two to three days before treatment to help minimize bruising and pain. 
Post-Injection Lip Care
  • I encourage clients to drink lots of water and usually recommend applying a hydrating ointment to the lips several times throughout the day. My favourite product to use on fresh lips is Aquaphor. 
  • Avoid deep pressure and activity to the lips for at least 10 days or during the duration of your swelling. This includes massaging the lips, intense kissing, biting of the lips, puckering or drinking out of straw or any other activity that can cause the filler to migrate or be displaced
  • Avoid exercise for at least 24 hours after your filler treatment to keep swelling and discomfort under control
  • Bromelain, a derivative of pineapple, can also assist with healing of freshly injected lips. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help with swelling which will usually occur with lip filler injections
  • Schedule a follow up appointment two to three weeks post treatment. Experiencing lumps in the lips after filler is injected is common. Often these lumps will naturally subside as the lips heel. In some cases, a massage by your injector will be performed to smooth out any remaining lumps felt in the lips. 
Removal Considerations
  • The product used to dissolve hyaluronic acid can trigger clients with bee allergies
  • Depending on how much filler a client previously had injected into their lips, sometimes multiple sessions are required to fully dissolve the filler
  • Keep the lips hydrated and moist by consuming lots of water and applying a topical hydrating ointment to the lips throughout the day


What to Try (wait at least 24 hours after treatment)

Biologique Recherche Liftkiss (Single Mask), $36 
Biologique Recherche Biokiss (15 ml), $75
Biologique Recherche Creme Contour Yeux et Levres Biofixine (15 ml), $141


The Décolletage

Every professional Biologique Recherche facial treatment tends to the décolletage and the neck, not just the face, and it’s something that Veronika Gueorguieva, education director at Living Beauty Inc., says should be taken into consideration at home. “There is a saying that the skin on the neck shows the true age of the person,” she says, pointing to the fact that people often neglect to apply their skincare and SPF to the area. “That’s why we should never forget to use our products for the face on the neck and the decolleté as well.” 


What to Try

Biologique Recherche Masque Biofixine (100 ml), $307
Biologique Recherche Creme Matricielle (100 ml), $120


The Arms

A little bronzing can go a long way to giving the appearance of toned arms. “If you're looking for a way to add a little extra confidence to your skin, then using self-tan might just be the perfect solution,” says James Read, founder of James Read Tan. For a touch of radiance, his Click and Glow Body Drops can be mixed with your SPF or body lotion for easy application. “Your skin will be left looking toned and radiant, boosting your confidence and making you feel your best.” 


What to Try

To Glow: James Read Tan Click & Glow Body (30 ml), $68
To Tone and Hydrate: Biologique Recherche Creme Matricielle Body (100 ml), $120


Hot Tip

The compact size of James Read Tan’s Click and Glow Body Drops means you can click anywhere and anytime, making them the perfect addition to your gym bag, to bring on holiday or to add to your daily skincare routine, whether it's morning, afternoon or even before bedtime.

The Hands

Hands are put through a lot of manual labour every day, from environmental stress to exposure to drying products like sanitizer or dish soap. Keep your bathroom stocked with products that nourish this hardworking area and remember to make time for some dedicated pampering for your mitts.  


What to Try 

Olverum Purifying Hand Wash (250 ml), $44.50
Olverum Soothing Hand Lotion (250 ml), $49.50
Magicstripes Hand Repairing Gloves (Single Pack), $20


The Stomach 

Lymphatic drainage is a popular professional treatment with big-time benefits that include strengthening the immune system, reducing cellulite and boosting your mood. Performed on the stomach, it can improve bloating, break down fat cells and ease tension. And it’s something that Dr. Carolina Orrego of Restored Movement in Toronto says can be incorporated at home. Here’s her advice on how to treat your tummy to some TLC. 

  • Prepare the skin by using Lotion P50 Corps and Gant de Massage Corps, spreading over the abdomen in a clockwise motion about five times. 
  • Press your palms flat down gently onto the area in between your hip bones five times. 
  • Apply a generous amount of Huile Sous-Ombilical to hands and make circular movements around the belly button five times in a clockwise pattern. 
  • Place hands under the middle of the rib cage and gently brush down, working around the belly button, covering the abdomen surface area. 
  • Lastly, place either palm on the side of each rib cage and bring together towards the middle with gentle pressure and down towards the groin again five times. 
  • End by pumping the lymph nodes between the hip bones three times. 


Hot Tip

To keep your belly happy, stay hydrated daily and try to avoid high-sodium or bloating foods. 

“I love incorporating specific cleanse and detox juices and broth into my diet and exercise and body flow movements, ending my showers with cold water and doing belly breathing techniques to help extend the effects and benefits of a lymphatic massage.”—Dr.Carolina Orrego  


What to Try

Biologique Recherche Huile Sous-Ombilicale (100 ml), $174
Biologique Recherche Massage Glove Corps, $59
Biologique Recherche Serum Matriciel Body (100 ml), $168
The Vulva
Indulge in some intimate TLC with a versatile finger vibrator and some aloe-based lube to help get your juices flowing. 


What to Try

Dame Fin, $172.50
Dame Aloe Lube (120 ml), $25


The Butt

For a taut tush this spring, give your derriere some extra care with the exfoliating power of Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 Corps. It not only smoothes skin but prepares it to better absorb moisturizers.


Hot Tip

For best results, apply in an upward massaging motion with the Biologique Recherche Massage Glove. 


What to Try

Biologique Lotion P50 Corps (250 ml), $129


The Legs

Got a pair of Jacquemus’ Le Short in your cart? Prep your gams for their post-winter reveal with a combo of exfoliating, sculpting and firming products. 


What to Try

Biologique Recherche Gommage P50 Corps (200 ml), $118
Biologique Recherche Lipogen AC (100 ml), $154
Biologique Recherche Liposculpt AC (200 ml), $178
Olverum Firming Body Oil (100 ml), $98


The Feet

Take time at the end of a busy day of summer adventure to refresh your feet with a soak and soothing, cooling lotion. You’ll thank us in the morning! 


Hot Tip

We’re all about dipping our toenails in zesty citrus hues this season. Think: Hermès orange, Gen Z yellow and pink grapefruit. 


What to Try

Olverum Body Polish (200 ml), $86
Biologique Recherche Creme Defatigante (100 ml), $72
Biologique Recherche Creme Dermo-RL Corps (175 ml), $165

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