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Get ready to have a healthy, happy relationship with beauty.

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Nailing It

by Caitlin Agnew
February 12, 2024
Caitlin Agnew

As an aesthetic choice, manicure preferences vary from place to place.

Not just that—they’re a democratic form of personal expression. Nails allow everyone to make a statement, express their individuality and fit all people. We asked Jessica Ellison, an award-winning nail technician and instructor at Humber College in Toronto, to explain what’s trending and where. 


Royal Touch 

Japan has a major reputation for daring, intricate nail art and the upcoming trends there follow suit. “Long known as the motherland of nails, Japan has unique Spring 2024 trends that include 3D filigree, reminiscent of Japanese royalty and art,” Ellison says. For longer nail lengths, adorning piercings with sleepers and dangling jewellery is popular, as well as stark and smooth ombré shading.“Think reds and dark shades,” says Ellison.

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Milky Minimalism 

Despite the global popularity of the French manicure (a style that actually originated in Hollywood) nail preferences in France tend to err on the side of restraint. “Minimalism is huge,” says Ellison. But that’s beginning to evolve. “This spring, we’ll see ribbons on and threaded through long and short nails, as well as delicate 3D roses on ‘lip gloss’ manicures in milky, bubble tea shades.”

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Vamp It Up

When it comes to nail art, Ellison says anything goes in North America. She points to the ’90s goth trend, including vampy shades of reds and slates, as well as nail piercings and blue accents rising in popularity over the next few months. These Spring 2024 trends will contrast starkly with the traditional brights and neons associated with warmer weather. “Chromes in lighter shades, reverse slimline French manis, longer lengths and latte manicures in chocolates and terracottas transition from winter into spring,” she says. 

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Bold & Bejewelled

According to Ellison, the South American nail market tends to closely follow North American trends and urban nail art styles. “It always leans toward longer, jewelled and bolder designs,” she says. In Brazil, there’s a focus on classic reds—for long or short lengths—as well as a skinny French manicure. “Meticulous cuticle work and care is always on order here,” Ellison adds.

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One to Watch

Ukraine, Ellison points out, is an emerging leader in nail style. “Its trends are stunning, intricate and clean, with striking geometric patterns, lacework and texture.”

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For an au naturel look, try Active Glow, a two-in-one polish that restores and hydrates nails for an ultra-glowy finish.

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