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Curl, Interrupted

by Caitlin Agnew
February 16, 2024
Caitlin Agnew

From straight to coily and everything in between, here’s how to customize your hair-care regimen to achieve the healthiest hair of your life.

Skincare has become ultra personalized for every skin type under the sun, and the haircare industry is quickly catching up. Just like skin, hair varies greatly from person to person and can benefit greatly from some tailored products and care routines. We asked Nikko Godard, Living Beauty Inc.’s Account Executive for Western Canada and a former hairstylist with a decade of experience behind the chair, to share his advice on caring for each hair type, from what to use and how to give your strands some extra TLC.


Straight Hair

What Is It?

Straight hair has no natural curl and may be thick or thin. 


What To Use

Shaeri Shampooing (200 ml), $30 

Shampoo your hair two to three times a week. 

Shaeri Soin Intense (250 ml), $56

Use as a conditioner (there’s no need to leave it in longer than one minute) or as a pre-shampoo mask for five minutes when your hair needs some extra nourishment. 

Shaeri Huile de Soin (100 ml), $49

Apply sparingly at night from mid-lengths to ends.  


How To Care

Stop yanking your brush through knots and tangles. If tangles are present, start brushing from the ends, working your way up to the root to detangle your hair without breakage. If your hair is prone to tangles, apply conditioner and brush it through with a brush like the Manta Healthy Hair Brush. 


Wavy Hair

What Is It? 

Wavy hair can be seen as having a gentle, tousled texture typically starting at about eye level and going down to the ends. 


What to Use

Shaeri Shampooing (200 ml), $30

Shampoo your hair two to three times a week. 

Shaeri Soin Intense (250 ml), $56

Use this as a deep conditioner after shampooing and leave in for three to five minutes.

Shaeri Soin Quotidien (100 ml), $36

Apply liberally to towel-dried hair and allow your hair to dry naturally.  


How to Care

Schedule a haircut every six to eight weeks to control your split ends. Doing so allows your hair stylist to do more of a dusting or trim instead of chopping off two to three inches every visit. I’m telling you: when we ask you to pre-book a haircut, we are doing this for the health of your hair. 




Curly Hair

What Is It? 

Curly hair has S-shaped curls that vary in tightness and definition. 


What to Use

Shaeri Soin Lavant (200 ml), $46

Use as often as needed and comb it through your hair with the Manta Healthy Hair Brush. 

Shaeri Huile de Soin (100 ml), $49, and Soin Quotidien (100 ml), $36

Mix these two products together at a ratio of one-to-one to refresh and tame your curls on days you do not wash your hair. 

Shaeri Hair Mist (50 ml), $95

Add a delicate scent of milky fig and orange blossom to your hair. To nourish and protect the hair, it's formulated with zero percent alcohol. 


How to Care

Stop washing your hair in hot water, which can dehydrate hair, leading to even more frizz. Opt for a cooler finish to your shower and watch your hair thrive. Your skin will benefit, too!


Coily Hair

What Is It? 

Coils are tight curls about the diameter of a pencil or smaller. 


What to Use

Shaeri Pure Scrub (100 ml), $38

Apply to the scalp to remove product buildup from infrequent washing. 

Shaeri Soin Intense (250 ml), $56

Apply as a styling cream to smooth and hydrate very dry coily hair . 

Shaeri Huile de Soin (100 ml), $49

Use as a pre-shampoo treatment by applying the oil liberally from mid lengths to ends, leave it in for 10 to 20 minutes or plan for an overnight treatment—just do not hit snooze on your alarm in the morning!


How to Care

For coily hair, avoid using shampoos on a weekly basis. Instead, use Shaeri’s Pure Scrub every two weeks to avoid overstripping the hair. Moisture is key when it comes to this hair texture, so stick with leave-in conditioners, styling creams and hair oils.


Brush On

The most caring caress for every hair type, the Manta Healthy Hair Brush is ultra-gentle for minimum hair breakage and maximum shine. Its patented flexguard technology enables each bristle to have complete 360-degree motion, gently freeing knots while minimizing breakage.

Manta Health Hair Brush, $42

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