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Utilisez le code « Livingbeauty10 » pour 10 % de réduction à la caisse. Offre valable jusqu'au 12/05.

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Bia Nourishing Facial Oil

Bia Nourishing Facial Oil

$40 CAD

A light, dry oil that addresses moisture retention in distinct yet complementary ways. Made with a combination of emollient and occlusive oils, this fast-absorbing formula locks in moisture, conditions skin, and is clinically proven to soften, smooth, and balance skin.

Key Ingredients

Rosehip oil, Bog myrtle

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Bia Nourishing Facial Oil

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The Science

As our largest organ, skin’s primary job is to serve as a physical barrier to the outside. However, in order for skin to properly perform its protective function, it needs to be adequately hydrated. Healthy skin feels soft, smooth, and plump. When skin becomes dehydrated, both its appearance and protective function begin to deteriorate; it becomes dry, flaky and itchy. When skin dries out (and it’s the last organ to re-hydrate), this negatively impacts the skin barrier, leading to more rapid water loss. This degradation increases with environmental stressors and accumulates with age. The older you are, the more external application of water-containing skin products is needed. While water-containing formulations do re-hydrate the skin, it is only temporary due to evaporation. In order to lock in this moisture, formulations must contain ingredients that not only attract water present externally in the air and internally within the lower layers of the skin, but also create a protection layer on the skin’s surface to slow the evaporation process. The Bia collection is focused on hydration, moisture retention, and cleansing without stripping moisture while also supporting the microbiome. Our patented BiaComplex™ was designed to soothe dry skin, help shed the outer dry layers, moisturize, and retain the water by improving osmotic function and forming a protective surface film.

Instructions For Use

  • Apply 2 drops to cleansed skin either on its own or after your moisturizer to lock in hydration. For daily use on all skin types.
  • WARNING: Avoid direct contact with eyes. Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear.
  • Before incorporating any new product to your skincare routine, we always recommend patch-testing.

About Codex

Codex Beauty Labs is a biotech company grounded in science, dedicated to supporting the microbiome and pioneering products that have clinically proven, meaningful skincare benefits. The brand was founded in 2018 by Dr. Barb Paldus, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who grew up in Waterloo, Ont., and is on a mission to blend the sciences of ethnobotany and plant biology with biotech innovations to create a new standard of plant-based biotech beauty. Treating skin conditions like acne while also revealing healthy, youthful skin, Codex Labs was conceived with dermatologists and ethnobotanists to deliver affordable, clinically proven skin-gut-brain solutions that support the microbiome and deliver healthy skin, all while keeping sustainability at the forefront.

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