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Get ready to have a healthy, happy relationship with beauty.
Get ready to have a healthy, happy relationship with beauty.

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PoshPeel PediCure Treatment
PoshPeel PediCure Treatment

PoshPeel PediCure Treatment

Luxe Foot Peel Treatment

$24 CAD

This luxurious, incredibly effective foot peel treatment progressively dissolves dead skin on your feet with a combination of powerful acids, working over a period of three to seven days.

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PoshPeel PediCure Treatment

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The Science

This peel is formulated with Patchology's activating essence, which contains an advanced AHA plus BHA botanical blend featuring glycolic, salicylic, lactic and citric acids. These four potent ingredients work together to deeply exfoliate and soften the surface of your skin, speeding up cell turnover and encouraging dead skin to slough off. Glycolic acid penetrates skin deeply and exfoliates, salicylic acid softens skin and removes dead cells and lactic acid hydrates and encourages the skin to slough off. Citric acid helps to speed new cell turnover while botanical extracts brighten.

Instructions For Use

  • Pour the desired amount of Activating Essence into one of the Foot Masque Socks and evenly distribute along the inside of the cotton lining.
  • Place your foot inside the sock and seal with attached closure. Repeat for the other foot.
  • Wear for 60 minutes or up to 90 minutes if greater exfoliation is desired.
  • Remove socks. Thoroughly rinse and dry feet.

About Patchology

Patchology draws inspiration from its origins in developing innovative patch technology for medical use and was formed around the idea that a truly effective delivery of great skincare ingredients at home is a game changer. These easy-to-use patches for face, eyes, lips, hands and feet all create moments of skincare as self-care, combining noticeable results with relaxation. Taking into account the fact that most of us have schedules that are often full and unpredictable, Patchology’s roster includes options for when you’re short on time as well as those days when you can really unwind.

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