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Get ready to have a healthy, happy relationship with beauty.
Get ready to have a healthy, happy relationship with beauty.

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Active Face Cream

Volume Restoring

Active Face Cream

Fuel your skin's superpowers

$120 CAD
Superfuel for your skin’s root structure, this is the first cream proven to treat both sinking and sagging skin at the same time.

Volume Restoring

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Active Face Cream

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All Skin Types
Skin's volume is enhanced
In sunken areas, the skin uses the nutrients to boost the regeneration of fat cells.
Youthful strength and definition is restored
In bloated areas that appear saggy, the skin uses these nutrients for toning. Carthamus Tinctorius (safflower) seed oil contains linoleic acid, which is made up of long-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are both adipogenic (i.e., they signal new fat cells to mature) and lipogenic (i.e., they fill fat cells).

The Science

Long-chain fatty acids in the safflower seed oil fill fat cells while signaling new cells to mature. Black ginger root extract tones existing fat cells while preventing them from getting too big while also stimulating new fat cell formation. These ingredients reach the fat cells through the hair follicle.

Instructions For Use

  • Spread a thin, whitish layer across your skin. Do not rub in.
  • For instant glam before going out or going on camera, apply as a mask.
  • For prevention, apply as a mask once or twice per week.
  • For targeted repairs, apply to damage-susceptible areas—under the eyes, and along the mouth—once or twice daily.
  • For restoration, apply to the lower face from eyelids to jawline, once or twice daily.

About Adipeau

With a unique understanding of the role that fat cells play in facial fitness, ADIPEAU is all about rethinking the way skincare works, and the results speak for themselves. ADIPEAU Active Face Cream is the first cream that targets both sinking and sagging skin at the same time. Ivan Galanin, a scientist and the founder of Adipeau, achieved this success by thinking outside the box, beginning with the revolutionary insight that lots of small cells are optimal to keep the face looking full and youthful. Where other products seek to enlarge existing fat cells or plump them with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ADIPEAU Active Face Cream tones and boosts the regeneration of fat cells in areas that appear saggy.


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